Security + SEO Benefits of Having an SSL
the website setting you may have overlooked

no ssl certificate

What is an SSL?

An SSL is an acronym for a Secure Sockets Layer and has been the backbone of the safe and secure internet we all need and love.

An SSL is used to keep the transfer of sensitive information encrypted.

SSL certificates have two ‘keys’: one private and one public. The public one encrypts (or locks) a connection, while the private one?decrypts?(or unlocks) it.?When you send an email or place an online order, your information travels from server to server until it reaches its destination – meaning any computer in between could easily see the sensitive information you send. Think of SSL like an extra layer of privacy between your data and the rest of the world. Your information is safe because a hacker would need both randomly-generated keys in order to obtain your credit card numbers, passwords, etc.

If your website isn’t secure, hackers can steal your users’ credit numbers, addresses, and other highly personal information.

How do you identify a secure / unsecured website?

With Google’s release of Chrome 68 in July 2018, all websites lacking an SSL certificate were labeled “not secure.” In other words, site visitors are warned to run away quickly and not to do business with you.

Without security confirmation for your website, this is what?visitors will see:

no SSL warning message

Would you still continue on to a website with this warning?


Not good. Unsecured websites can also be identified in the URL with a red lock icon and HTTP text. Whereas, all secured sites can be identified with a green lock icon and HTTPS text, making it crucial for website owners to make sure their site(s) are abiding by HTTPS protocol and are SSL secured.

unsecured website

secure website

So, why is an SSL important to me?

Having a secure site allows your visitors to have peace of mind and assurance that you care about their privacy.??Not only that: Google will respect your site security, and help by giving you a boost in your search engine rankings. Effective in 2018, Google’s “HTTPS Everywhere initiative gives websites with encrypted connections a minor increase in SERP rankings.

The benefits and reassurance of having a having a secure site for you and your visitors will help your website stand out from unsecured competitors.

$ 2,000,000,000,000

global cyber crime costs are estimated to reach
$2 trillion in 2019 – that’s a lot of zeros!

How do you obtain an SSL Certificate?

With cyber crime growing exponentially and Google cracking down on sites that are not HTTPS secure, it is now more crucial than ever for your site to be secured. To obtain an SSL certificate, you will most likely need to go through your web hosting provider. Typically, your host will charge an annual fee to obtain an SSL certificate and convert your site to the HTTPS protocol.

Or, you can get one for FREE, from us (seriously):

We strive to work with you to get your website secured, maintained, and protected from all potential threats, as well as assure your website visitors that you are who you say you are, and that their information will be safe while they visit your website.

If you’re unsure about whether or not your site is secure or you need help choosing the best option for your business, contact us – In most cases, we will obtain and install an SSL certificate on your website in less than 24 hours.?