A strong website is one of the most powerful things you can have as a business. Your website houses everything your company has to offer and tells the world what you’re about. When your business has a website, it opens up new opportunities with current and future clientele. A website makes your goods or services more accessible to the world, creating a totally new avenue for experiential growth!?

The good news: Getting a website is really easy! However, maintaining one may not be the same.

Statistics say that about 33% of small businesses attempt to manage their sites themselves. More often than not, small business owners tend to really struggle with managing and maintaining their website solo. They are typically wearing multiple hats in the company and computer programmer is definitely not the easiest one!?

This difficulty doesn’t go unnoticed online and can often have a negative impact on their brand and cause the company to lose current or future customers. Your website is your one chance to tell the story you want and make a good impression! Here are some of the most prevalent issues found on small business websites.?

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1. No Call to action?

Call to action or as it’s referred to in the marketing world, CTA, are photos, buttons or lines of text that prompt your customers to make a response. Like a “buy now”, “click here” or “call today!”

Not having a CTA is typically a side effect of poor website design. Without a CTA, visitors to your site will not know what they are supposed to do. Make a purchase? Be educated? Tell them! If customers are confused or frustrated by a site they will go to a competitor with more accessibility. This could negatively impact your bounce rate and google ranking as a result.?

Did you know:

The average website visitor decides whether or not they will do business with you in the first 7.2 seconds of landing on your website.


How to Fix:

Check your site for calls to action! They should stand out for easy website navigation.

On your website you get to tell the story you want to tell! This is the one change for your brand to represent itself the way you want it to. Make sure you use calls to action to tell users what you want them to do on your site (buy, click, call) to promote action.?

Visitors will expect clear direction through the site but it is not always easy if you need more help with CTA we’d be happy to help!

2. No Online Credibility?

Many small businesses are just that – small! Most are unknown entities which may make it difficult to convince your potential customers to make a purchase! Credibility is necessary in order to make people feel comfortable they are going to receive quality service.?

The best way to add credibility to your site is through testimonials and reviews from former customers! Without these positive reviews possible customers may be left to guess about business credibility which may end up burning them in the end. Not a good customer experience!

Online credibility is essential to the success of your business. A simple “buy now” can go a long way.

How to Fix:

Add testimonials to your site! Contact your existing contacts and clients and ask them for some feedback on your services they enjoyed. Adding their positive feedback to your website will make your business more approachable for future visitors.?

3. Poor or Outdated Design?

“Never judge a book by its cover” does not apply for online behavior! It takes as little as 0.05 seconds for a user to form an opinion about your website which could be good – or bad!?

Many small businesses opt for the cheaper routes to design their website. They choose free templates or low cost hosted solutions. This can lead to poor website design that does not reflect the business’ brand identity and ultimately distracts customers from the messages being conveyed.

Visitors that have poor user experiences because of unsatisfactory website performance will not stay on the site and more than likely will not be back. What’s worse is that bad news travels fast. If users are having negative experiences they could spread that word and keep potential customers away too! Having a poorly designed or outdated website could ruin your sale even before you’ve had the opportunity to make it.?

How to Fix:

If it’s been a few years since your last business website update, it might be time! A simple, clean and responsive design that works well on all platforms is a requirement! Many business owners do not “see the value” of putting money into something that you can not touch. In reality, updating your business’ website is an investment in the future success of the company. If your website is in need of an update we’d be happy to help!

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4. No Contact Details

How do you find anyone now-a-days? It’s as simple as an internet search! If it’s not easy for your customers to contact you, they never will! If your business has a physical location your phone number, address, and hours of operation need to be easily visible.

Maybe users are accessing your website more on mobile, make it easy for them to reach out with an email or phone number to send a quick message.?

Do you have a contact form on your website? Have you ever tried filling it out for clarity? Broken, complex and repetitive contact forms can drive possible customers off the site. Having the minimum required fields while still gathering relevant message information is the happy medium.?

How to fix:

Make sure all contact information is visible and clickable. If you have a physical location, double check that your phone number is clearly visible towards the top of the page. Last but not least, make sure you have a clear and simple contact form on your site that everyone understands.?

5. No analytics?

Do you have Google Analytics installed on your website? Without analytics you are not able to track data on your site’s progress throughout time. What’s working and what isn’t? With Google Analytics you can set goals for your website and be notified when something changes. Who doesn’t like free help??

How to fix:

Many analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, are free to use and install. Signing up for Google Analytics is quick and only takes a few minutes. If this seems daunting, let the experts help!

6. Poor SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is extremely important when it comes to visibility online. SEO helps determine the order search results are displayed. Without it, it would be very difficult for someone to find your site even if they were searching!?

26% of sites do not show up in an online search. This is because they have no Google Page rank at all. If you are a small business you need to ensure that possible clients can find you online when they search for goods and services you offer.?

If your small business website has poorly structured SEO it may be difficult for Google to read and rank your site accordingly with other relevant content. This could make your site exponentially miss out on possible customers and revenue.?

Did you know:

4 in 5 consumers conduct local searches on search engines; 88% on Smartphone, 84% Computer/ Tablet.


How to fix:

In order for your site to rank in Google Searches, your website must be structured correctly for your content to be categorized correctly. That’s why we have SEO! Not sure how it works? We can help.

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7. No Social Media

You are limiting your brand’s reach by not having social media! Social media allows your customers to easily share their positive experience with your brand. This is free advertising! You can be adding new testimonials to your website all the time when happy customers can connect with you on the platforms they are using. It is important that your business accesses this clientele base of nearly a third of the world’s population that is using social media.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool and helps make your business seem more down-to-earth. Independent users and businesses alike gain a following by creating branded and non-branded eye catching content that is relevant to their followers. This, just like any other site, helps a business further relationships with customers wherever they go.?

How to fix:

Create some social media sites! Make sure that your social media is clearly displayed on your business’ website. Ensure share buttons are available on all produced content so that your content can be shared around the world. The easier for customers to share, the more they will! Be sure to interact with clients and potential customers that post and comment questions. It always pays to be a responsive business!?

8. Not Mobile-Friendly

Websites are different from device to device. Now that internet use on mobile devices has surpassed internet use on computers, Google now uses its ‘mobile-first’ search algorithm, which looks at the mobile version of your site first. So, if your site is not optimised for mobile, you might find that it’s further down in its ranking in search engines. Having a mobile-friendly site is essential!?

If your website is not mobile-friendly you are losing over half of your potential customer reach, hurting your SEO and ultimately lowering rankings in search engines. Nothing is beyond repair with the professionals on your side! We would be happy to help!

Did You Know:

62% of consumers that do a product or service search on their phone make a purchase within 24 – 48 hours.


How to Fix:

The #1 way to make your website mobile-friendly is to make it responsive. A responsive website automatically adjusts based on the device for optimum display. This means that your potential customers will not have to zoom and drag your website around just to read; your site will do the work for them!?

9. Cheap hosting?

As a small business, your company is more than likely your livelihood and one of your biggest assets. This is the time to do some real investing in your company’s future. Cheap hosting is often directly linked to the speed of your site, as cheap hosting uses shared servers, shared resources, shared security and shared bandwidth to lower their costs and make it ‘cheap’.?

Page speed is another contributing factor when it comes to your website’s overall SEO. If your page is very slow it will be ranked lower in Google’s search results in favor of better running websites to keep users happy. Having a quality hosting service will positively impact your website’s SEO and should keep potential customers on your site with short load times.?

How to fix:

The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is true when it comes to hosting services. This is the part of the business that you need to consider investing in. A quality hosting service could? give your website fast loading times and secure daily backups for great support.?

10. No Technical Help?

Many small businesses do not have a position designated to technical support so it falls into the hands of the least busy person. This is a major setback for your business! Without proper technical support, small businesses run the risk of costly mistakes or security breaches.?

Do you know what to do if your website were to break? Is your site safe and secure? Do you know when and how to do software updates?

How to fix:

One guaranteed way to have your site secure, prevent technical glitches, and the resulting costly downtime, is to see a web designer or developer that offers monthly website maintenance services! The money your business spends on optimizing your website’s performance is a fraction of what it costs to rebuild from scratch if there were to be a breach.?

Need more help??

Call us or visit online for a free consultation and estimate. No high pressure sales tactics, confusing obligations, or any other nonsense. Just real answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. http://www.canaldelivros.com/?

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Business is Always Changing!?


Not that long ago advertising for a business was very different! Taking out ads in the local newspaper and plastering your name on billboards for miles was seen as an essential step in advertising and getting the public’s attention. Although these are still valuable ways to raise awareness for your business in the community, you cannot ignore the overwhelming shift to online consumer interaction with businesses around the globe! Digital marketing is here to stay!


When someone is in need of a product or service more often than not they are turning to an online search engine such as Google or Bing to complete their transaction. According to a 2014 study from Advanced Web Rankings, more than 67% of all clicks on SERPs go to the top five listings. Approximately 95% of people do not look past the first page before making a decision on who to give their money to!


If you have not managed your digital marketing or did not realize it existed, now is a better time than ever to get started! Especially in these trying times of social distancing and nation-wide lockdowns, you cannot rely on word of mouth or in person interactions to get the word out about your business any longer. Want more pandemic advice? Here are 7 SEO opportunities to focus on right now. Digital marketing may just save your business!

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Benefits of Digital Marketing


When you are utilizing digital marketing you are able to reach your customers without them even leaving their home! Studies show the average person spends up to 2 hours a day on their mobile device shopping. Why not advertise to your customers where they are already searching all day every day?


Choose Your Cost


Kick starting your own business was the hard part! Fortunately when it comes to setting up your business for digital success it is relatively easy and low cost! You can choose to put out as many or few ads as you would like thus staying on budget. Digital ads are also significantly cheaper than the more traditional options like billboards and paper ads. This means that you could potentially put out more digital advertising for the same cost!


Increase Your Profits


Reaching a customer base searching for your products or services will immediately and dramatically increase profits! WIth digital ads your business has the ability to reach a whole new customer base that is already searching for your services! Implementing proper digital marketing practices is the best way to achieve a stable rise in profits.??

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Without Digital Marketing, Your Business Can’t Grow


The simple truth is that the world is online today. In order to survive as a business your tactics must evolve along with the consumers! Unfortunately, there is no way around it, in this day and age all businesses must have a digital presence or they will not succeed. It’s that simple!?


It is time to stop fighting it! The internet is a powerful and well-established tool. It is not going away any time soon so you might as well embrace it and maybe even use it to your advantage! To ignore such a large and obvious potential customer base could put your company in jeopardy. That is why digital marketing is an absolute must!?


Digital marketing is one of the best things you could do for your business. When you implement these tactics you are increasing your customer base, making your business look and operate better and increasing profits! Utilizing your knowledge of what your customers want will give you a competitive edge no matter what business you’re in.??


How do I get started?

We’re the experts! We are a full-service Grand Rapids web design and digital marketing agency that’s here for your business. We’ll make it easy for you (and your budget). Our goal is to create real value for our clients.

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Website accessibility is important because:

  • Building accessible sites benefit everyone!?
  • Semantic HTML, which improves accessibility, also improves SEO, making your site more findable.
  • Caring about accessibility demonstrates good ethics and morals, which improves your public image.
  • Other good practices that improve accessibility also make your site more usable by other groups, such as mobile phone users or those on low network speed. In fact, everyone can benefit from many such improvements.
  • Did we mention it is also the law in some places?


web accessibility apple technology ipad computer


Everyone uses the internet!

You want your website to be usable by as many people as possible right? Of course you do! We all want to reach our maximum audience potential but what you may not realize is that the things you do, or don’t do, on your website can have a huge impact on its accessibility.


Traditionally we think about people with disabilities when talking about accessibility. However, the practice of making sites accessible goes much broader than that! It also benefits other groups like those using mobile devices or those with slower network connections.


A recent study found that 98% of websites have at least one WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) failure on their homepage. Some examples of these WCAG failures are: low-contrast text, mission image alt text or empty links. These types of barriers make it difficult and even impossible for some visitors to use your site. This is why we encourage you to do a site audit and ensure it is accessible for all users.


Here are some web accessibility tips to help you get started:


1-Use a theme that is accessibility-ready

As web developers, this is something we are very aware of when selecting a design theme for our clients. If you are considering a website facelift make sure this is top of mind when selecting your design and choose a theme that passes basic accessibility requirements.


2-Choose fonts and colors that are easy to read

The fonts and colors you use are an important component of your website. They add style and personality while strengthening your visual identity online. Avoid font styles, sizes, and colors that make your site difficult to read. Also, pay close attention to contrast – the difference between the darkness of your text and the lightness of your background.


3-Display your site title and tagline

Many themes use a custom header image, which is a visual way to brand your site, display your blog title or promote your business name. But keep in mind that some themes may not support alternative text, the written copy that appears in place of an image should the image fail to load on your visitors screen. Instead of conveying your website title and tagline within the header image, display your title and tagline text.


4-Use appropriate headings when structuring your pages and posts

Having headings lets the reader know what they will be reading about. This also breaks up big blocks of text to make it easier to read.


5-Describe your links

It is important to link to other pages or posts on your website but remember to make your linked text descriptive. Instead of saying “click here” try something like, “apply to my workshop” or “learn more about this product”.


6-Caption your images

While captions may be optional, they improve the experience for all readers by providing more context. Whenever you add an image, add a description in the caption underneath it.


7-Add alt text to your images

Alt text is essential for people who are blind or use screen readers because they can hear the text read aloud. It is also important for people who have disabled images for speed or bandwidth reasons. Lastly, Alt text is important for your site’s SEO, helping search engines understand what your site content is about.


8-Make your CTA elements easily clickable

When adding call-to-action buttons to your website or posts make sure they are wide enough areas that are easy to click or tap from different devices. This applies to text links as well; tapping a linked asterisk or hashtag may be difficult for some, especially on a small screen.


9-Include transcripts and captions for multimedia content

Just like images, captions should also be included in your video and audio content. Transcripts are also incredibly helpful since they document speech, sound and the actions seen on-screen. This is especially true for podcasts. Just keep in mind, it is best if your content does not auto-play and the options to pause or adjust volume should be very obvious on the page.


We hope these guidelines give you an introduction to accessibility’s best practices. If you are interested in learning more or would like a site audit we’d be happy to help!

Visit our website intellectiualninjas.com or call 888 – 966 – 9086

Doing these 3 SEO housekeeping things will immediately help your business!

We eat, sleep, and breathe SEO so sometimes it is difficult to remember what it’s like to not quite know how it works! We’ll lay it out for you:

Search Engine Optimization is driving more quality searches to a site as well as showcase the brand to possible customers ‘organically’ or without paid advertising. This means that you are able to drive more people to search for your business themselves when they are looking for a good or service you offer! This can be done many ways personally and professionally!

Want to get started?

SEO For Beginners 2

1. Google your business!

Are you the first result? If not, the first thing to do is make sure your business’ name is correct! If you have rebranded and changed your name this may need to be updated online – possibly in more than one place! It sounds simple but something as small as a misspelling can be the difference between your business showing up in a search and it not.???


SEO For Beginners 3


2. Check that your address, phone numbers and hours are correct?

? ? ? ? ? This sounds like a given but many people overlook this! Especially during these unprecedented times of take-out only, you need to make sure potential customers can locate your business easily online. How can a potential customer engage with your business when they do not know when you are open, where you are located or how to reach you? Above are some example results when searching ourselves! We come up first with a clear contact page to ensure easy client to company communication.?

SEO For Beginners 4

3. Connect your website!

Information on Google can be incorrect, if it is not already, connect your business’ website to your google listing. This way you are ensuring that potential customers are able to reach your business concisely and directly. Attaching your website will also increase overall traffic to your site! This will give potential customers a better idea of who you are and what goods or services you provide.


Most people click on the first result to match their search. So it is vital to be that one! Above is an example of what a google listing may look like. It comes up along the side of your results on google. If any of this information is incorrect it is simple to fix right on the site.


These 3 quick SEO fixes for beginners will immediately make your business more visible online and increase customer communications! Interested in taking it a step further? We would love to help!


Visit our website www.canaldelivros.com or call 888-966-9086?

No high-pressure sales tactics, confusing obligations or any other nonsense. Just real answers to your questions, and solutions to your problems.

? ? ? ? ?

From now until September 2020, Google is giving businesses the opportunity to promote themselves for free in Google Maps using promoted pins.

It comes as no surprise that our current situation has disrupted everyday life and the times people are active on social media are drastically shifting. Don’t worry though, we have the most recent data and new recommendations for 2020, taking into account how our usage of social media has changed.

SEO has a completely different role, and the benefits are occasionally overlooked.? Even worse: SEO can have a reputation of being overly complicated, so the planning ends up taking up valuable time from teams, yada, yada, yada… everyone ends up forgetting why it was important in the first place (yes, we’ve seen this happen, a LOT).

Social media platformer, Instagram, is aiming to help these businesses that have had to recently transition to takeout and delivery business only, by offering a new way to generate orders. By partnering with ordering platform ChowNow.com, restaurants can add stickers to their Instagram photos and stories, which can either link users to pre-filled order forms in one easy step.

In an effort to provide support for businesses, health workers and organizations during the coronavirus pandemic, Google has announced $340 million will be issued in ad credits for small and medium-sized businesses.

There’s no denying our world is in a state of panic and uncertainty. With the current situation changing daily, things can seem overwhelming leaving us feeling lost and wondering what to do next. We know you want to use this time as productively as possible so here are 7 SEO opportunities you can focus on right now.