Doing these 3 SEO housekeeping things will immediately help your business!

We eat, sleep, and breathe SEO so sometimes it is difficult to remember what it’s like to not quite know how it works! We’ll lay it out for you:

Search Engine Optimization is driving more quality searches to a site as well as showcase the brand to possible customers ‘organically’ or without paid advertising. This means that you are able to drive more people to search for your business themselves when they are looking for a good or service you offer! This can be done many ways personally and professionally!

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SEO For Beginners 1

1. Google your business!

Are you the first result? If not, the first thing to do is make sure your business’ name is correct! If you have rebranded and changed your name this may need to be updated online – possibly in more than one place! It sounds simple but something as small as a misspelling can be the difference between your business showing up in a search and it not.???


SEO For Beginners 2


2. Check that your address, phone numbers and hours are correct?

? ? ? ? ? This sounds like a given but many people overlook this! Especially during these unprecedented times of take-out only, you need to make sure potential customers can locate your business easily online. How can a potential customer engage with your business when they do not know when you are open, where you are located or how to reach you? Above are some example results when searching ourselves! We come up first with a clear contact page to ensure easy client to company communication.?

SEO For Beginners 3

3. Connect your website!

Information on Google can be incorrect, if it is not already, connect your business’ website to your google listing. This way you are ensuring that potential customers are able to reach your business concisely and directly. Attaching your website will also increase overall traffic to your site! This will give potential customers a better idea of who you are and what goods or services you provide.


Most people click on the first result to match their search. So it is vital to be that one! Above is an example of what a google listing may look like. It comes up along the side of your results on google. If any of this information is incorrect it is simple to fix right on the site.


These 3 quick SEO fixes for beginners will immediately make your business more visible online and increase customer communications! Interested in taking it a step further? We would love to help!


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